When you schedule an eye exam or
your annual
dental check-up...
Don’t forget your ears!

Hearing Healthcare

Diagnostic Audiology evaluates sensory and/or structural defects of the auditory system and/or hearing loss.

Mike With EquipmentSince some types of hearing loss can be treated, Melissa will refer you to the appropriate specialist. This may include your family doctor, or an Ear Nose and Throat surgeon. A build-up of wax is a common problem that can cause a hearing loss. It can be easily dealt with by Melissa or your family doctor. Once the wax is removed, hearing returns to normal. Ear candling is NOT recommended.

NOTE: a sudden hearing loss is always considered a very serious problem requiring medical attention immediately.

Even if you can hear just fine, it is a good idea to have a hearing test. This will establish baseline test Mike Testing Patient's Hearingresults which can be invaluable as a comparative tool, should you develop a problem in the future.

Exposure to extreme noise levels may result in a hearing loss.  Age-related decline in hearing, due to structural changes in the ear, is common.

Since hearing is subjective, a hearing loss may go unnoticed over a long period of time, sometimes years. The brains’ ability to deal effectively with declining sound levels is like a muscle, …use it or lose it. Therefore, it is very important to recognize subtle changes in your hearing acuity. Often friends and family can be the best ‘early warning system’ that you are experiencing a hearing loss.

Mike Inspecting Patients Ear

Because some adults often have trouble admitting a hearing loss, it is important to remember, an early diagnosis helps make the transition to an assistive device easier and much more effective.

Even more important, if you suspect a child is having any symptoms concerning their hearing, particularly pain, they should be seen by a health provider immediately. Also, it is not uncommon for ear infections to be symptom free, unfortunately untreated, with time it can contribute to the development of an Auditory Processing Disorder.

Even if you can hear just fine, it is a good idea to have a hearing test.