When you schedule an eye exam or
your annual
dental check-up...
Don’t forget your ears!

About Us

Mike Pihura has been the owner/operator of a private practice audiology clinic, The Family Hearing Clinic, for 20 years

Mike PihuraMike’s credentials include: a double honours B.Sc. in biology and chemistry from The University of Western Ontario; a master’s degree in Audiology from the state University of New York; and a Doctor of Audiology from Salus University School of Audiology Philadelphia. Prior to private practice, he interned at Niagara Rehab and with Drs. Hadden and Kearns, Ear Nose and Throat surgeons.

Mike is also a classically trained musician, with experience playing with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony. He is an active member of Rotary.

After teaching Audiology at Brock University for 12 years, Mike is still working with the next generation of Audiologists, offering students interning time as well as clinical observation experience. He is a requested speaker on the topic of Auditory Processing Disorders and continues to write regular articles for several publications.

Mike is a member of the Canadian Academy of Audiologists (CAA), a member of The International Society of Audiology and The European Federation of Audiology Societies. He attends their scientific conferences, yearly.

Even if you can hear just fine, it is a good idea to have a hearing test.